Dropping the Soap

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“Jesus Christ!!! I dropped the soap!”

~ Oscar Wilde dropping the Soap

“Oscar Wilde!!! I dropped the soap!”

~ Jesus Christ dropping the soap

Dropping the Soap[edit]

Don't Drop It!

"Dropping the Soap" is an idiom commonly used by people to refer to men (males) that are very clumsy and often drop such things as soap. For example, instead of saying "You're a clumsy homosexual," one may instead say "Stop dropping the soap, do you like getting assraped?"


Dropping the Soap originated in Prison, Texas, when Bill Clinton was taking a bath. Suddenly, the soap broke free of his grasp, and soon he fell down a slippery slope of clumsiness, dropping all sorts of things, among them his pants. When he comfronted a woman named Monica Lewinsky, she reprimanded him for his clumsiness. In a now well-known quote, Bill Clinton said, "Hey, all I did was drop the soap."

Clinton Displays Satisfaction after Dropping the Soap.

The fad soon took hold among Amerikans. Many new such uses of the phrase came into place, among them "Dude, where's my soap?" and "All Your Soap Are Belong to Us." Eventually, it became so popular that the phrase was used as a forefront for an otherwise unpopular immigration referendum. It was subsequently passed.

Samuel Jackson's Reaction after he Dropped the Soap.

Today, dropping the soap is widely considered to have a negative connotation, as the dropping of soap has often led to assraping. For instance, ten white men were found bleeding in a shower stall after they all dropped soap in the presence of Samuel L. Jackson.

Common Phrases and Uses[edit]

"In Soviet Russia, Soap Drops You!!!"

"All Your Soap are Belong to Us!"

"Soap will be assimilated. We Are Microsoft."

"Rarely is the question asked, is our children dropping soap?"

"Ein Soap, Ein Drop, Ein Fuhrer!"

"Mi Droppa Tu Soappa?"

"My, Soap, Dropping, Soap Dropping, Soap Dropping and Sadry Arone..." (Played to "I'm Ronery.")

"Ich Bin Ein Soapdropper!"

Attempted Censorship[edit]

Because of the widespread abuse of such a term, there have been several attempts at the complete ban of using the term, due to its crudity. The NAACP has claimed that the term is racist because since Bill Clinton coined it, and Bill Clinton is black, and therefore it is offensive. Ironically, the KKK also condemned the phrase for the exact same reason.

They're Opposed to Soap Dropping.
The NRA Orders YOU to Drop the Soap.

Supporters of the phrase claim that the phrase helps to emphasize what little there is of American culture (baseball, apple pie, and... eating apple pie while watching baseball). They also claim that such an infringement on the word would be a violation of the Second Amendment. To that end, the NRA supports the phrase, as it supports anything that would protect the Second Amendment, including You, drugs, and George W. Bush. Indeed, in 2101, a constitutional amendment was passed that commissioned the Secretary of Dropped Soap, a cabinet member devoted towards the expansionism of free trade and droppable soap.

Regardless, today, the phrase continues to be used throughout the world as an exhibit in homosexuality and slang. Today, one may pass through schools in even the white districts and still get a resounding "Don't drop the soap, n*gger!"

Orbital Soap Dropping[edit]

Orbital Soap Dropping was an Olympic Sport invented shortly after the onset of the fad's phrase. It was originally invented by rich white people who had too much money on their hands. They would ride up into space and drop soap on poor black people. This would usually kill, if not transmit a venereal disease, to the target. Orbital Soap Dropping, though unethical, nonetheless remains a popular sport today, watched primarily on FOX News.

An unsuspecting white person plans to drop soap on a poor black person.