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Dry ice is a substance who's only purpose is to place in plastic or glass containers, seal them shut, and watch explode. Dry ice is also good for root beer, keeping ice cream cold, and saving lives, but for anyone between the ages of 16 and 25: who cares?? Most teenagers like myself enjoy the idea of doing something dangerous without having a significant possibility of getting hurt. The only reason this type of recreation is illegal is due to old hags with sand in their vagina in political seating. People are always afraid of what they cannot understand. The next one that says, "But that's illegal" gets a fist in the face. Most people that look down upon this behavior fail to realize how fun it is to watch dry ice bombs explode, are just boring people, or advocate gun control.

I can see why uncyclopedia is incredibly boring to read. Here I am, a normally intelligent fellow with quite the wit for humor, and yet I cannot think of proper wording to bring this article out. Another thing you guys need to do is remove your heads from your butts, oh, and while you're at it, remove all the nonesense. Realize that its more humorous to satirize the truth than to make up bullcrap about something you know nothing about. Learn to be funny, please.

PS - if any of you limp dicks want to try to make this article more fun to read: be my guest. Also remember that you're probably too stupid yourself to make it more funny. Here's some advice: if you're going to make things more funny, get out of the wikipedia mindset of changing just here and there. On a site like this, if a huge article is NOT funny, just re-do the WHOLE thing with a better concept. Case in point: StarCraft. What is funnier? Satirizing Starcraft, or talking about some abstract card game with patent nonsense? Huh, dick heads? You aren't funny, so git off it, I could probably try redoing the whole page myself, but I'm sure that more than one of you cunts would revert the page because you have a mindset against blanking, even though the aforementioned page was crap.

That is all