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Duckburg is the capitol of the state of Calisota, the supposed 51st state of America located north of California. It is also the largest city in Calisota.


Duckburg was originally founded by Chinese settlers in 1023 under the name of Qwackaqwacki, meaning The Land of Ducks, as the location was home to several tribes of Red Indian Ducks.

As the settlers set up shop, several British and French settlers arrived during the Gold Rush, led by Charlie Chaplin. The Ducks, who believed that this was a deliberate attempt to wipe out their tribes, forced out the invaders by a barrage of sharpened mangoes, but kept their technology to build up the city for themselves. Having learnt English from the invaders, rechristened their settlement as Duckopolis, then Duck City and eventually Duckburg.


In 1897, Duckburg was the largest town in America to be built by Native Ducks. Although they were allowed their privacy, they were still burdened by the horror that everyone fears, Bureaucracy. Duckburg was forced to adopt a system of Government beneficial to the U.S. Congress.

And so, in that year, Duckburg had it's first Mayor, and the Town Hall was used for political matters rather than for breeding livestock.

In the years that followed, various waterfowl from abroad settled in the city. Glasgow-born Scrooge McDuck arrived from Scotland and established his own financial empire in the town. Italian sorceress Magica De Spell became one of Duckburgs' more bizarre residents, and for a time Daffy Duck attempted to set up home, but felt that Duckburg was too boring for him, and likened it to Centerville.

War-time Duckburg[edit]

Duckburg, being on the very west coast of America, thankfully eluded the Nazi bombings of World War Two, but wasn't so lucky in World War Three, when the interstate highway linking it to St. Canard was completely destroyed, with an estimate of 21,000 dead.

However, Duckburg has it's own volunteer force ready for action. The Junior Woodchucks act as a rear-guard for the city during wartime, and the city is protected by the Disneyland armed forces.

Launchpad McQuack, a prominent airman of the Disneyland Air Force, is from Duckburg.

Places of Interest[edit]

There are various attractions around Duckburg open to both locals and tourists:

  • The Money-Bin - Home of Scrooge McDuck's vast wealth, but open only externally to visitors.
  • The Launchpad McQuack Memorial - A converted airplane hanger and a museum to the brave Launchpad McQuack who died in 1993 on inactive service.
  • McDuck Mansion - Home of the McDucks since 1630. Used originally as a summer house when the McDucks were on vacation. Also believed to have once housed Count Duckula.
  • The Public Lavatory - The first ever public toilets fitted in Duckburg. Visitors are advised to take precautions against the smell.

Local Celebrities[edit]

  • Duck - A regular duck. Nothing more, nothing less.