Ducky Smash Bros 16

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The greatly done cover of the "Ducky Bros" cover

“Why is there no Chuck Norris? I demand thy CHUCK NORRIS!”

~ Oscar Wilde on Secret Characters

Super Ducky Bros. 16, commonly misread as "Super Ducky Bros. Melee 16," is the popular take-on of Japanese games that fight with characters having no real connection between them, because they said so. This has been seen as an inspiration for 10-year-old cover creators, or as a controversial game that has been done with over 2,000 sells.


This is a list of characters either available in the game, thought to have been, or Chuck Norris.

Starting Characters[edit]

Hidden Characters[edit]

As is custom with all Japenese games, there are several hidden characters that can be unlocked after defeating them after performing the task. Though we all know it would be better off to just buy GameShark and have the characters, but some nerds prefer to actually play the game for them. These characters include:

  • A mother fucking snake from a mother fucking plane (Unlocked by getting it off the plane)
  • An actually good character.
  • Cake (First you have to unlock the extra buttons,Then press the buttons ILOVECAKE.

Not Real Hidden Characters[edit]