Dude, Where's My Albatross?

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"Dude, Where's My Albatross?" is the critically acclaimed finale to Green Day's Alternative/Punk Opera, "Canadian Idiot". This very lengthy love-ballad garnered a record fifteen Grammys, including an award for "Enough Cowbell" bestowed by Christopher Walken. Another notable achievement award was granted for "Most Live Albatrosses Consumed While Singing by A Male Punk Vocalist", an award that has only ever been received by Dick Clark and Denis Leary.

Do you have the time?
To help me find
My Albatross, I lost it once again!
I am one of those, hurley t-shirt kids
Riding my bike around on the beach
Sometimes I give myself the creeps,
Sometimes my mom goes down on me,
I try to play it cool,
Oh man what should I do!
Just help me find my fuckin' Albatross!

The live performances of this musical number is often protested by anti-vegetable rights organizations, such as PITA, due to the lack of any vegetables being killed during the performance. Being as politically sympathetic as they are, Green Day has agreed to include a song and dance number in their next musical that involves an extensive amount of abuse on numerous kumquats.

National Aspirations[edit]

"Dude, Where's My Albatross?" is the current running leader in the election for a new national anthem of Argentina. Other legitimate competitors are currently "Cry for Us", "It's Really A Banana in Our Pocket", "Strokin'", "The Time Warp", and "My Country's Got a First Name, It's A-RRRRR, Mateys!".

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