Dude, Where's My Pocket

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Dude, Where's My Pocket? was initially written as the forerunner in the "Dude(Dune/Doom), Where's(There's/Here's) My Time(Thyme/Whine) Machine" series, it was deemed to discuss issues too controversial for the time, and was promptly disgarded. Years later, the series would raise its head anew with the smash box office hit, Dude, Where's My Time Machine?.

After the great success of the other two films, and the impending third, new life has been breathed into this project with the help of Ron Howard.

The Original Project[edit]

Originally intending to star Original Jesus as the main character, the intention was to raise the issue of pockets during a time where pockets did not rightly exist. Things began fairly smoothly, but the satchel industry of the time became fearful of the changes that might arise should it have made it to the public. Jesus, already a controversial figure for his work in "The Passion of the Christ", the documentary later unearthed by Mel Gibson, as well as his ongoing court battle against Fred Phelps over what he did and did not mean in his time on earth.

After crucifixion, it was later decided by the producer that it was not worth risking further harm to the cast and crew.

Memorable Quotes[edit]

"Dude, what the fuck?"

The Revival[edit]

More recently there has been a substantial amount of debate over who will be casted into the role of protagonist, notably in a world where many are known for taking their pockets for granted. Some sources say Ben Stiller while others suggest Adam Sandler may be playing the role. At the time of publication, this is still mostly conjecture.


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