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The E3 is the place for new games. It's a very warm place and it smells everywhere (except in the local bakery). E3 stand for Electro Three, it's named aftert the three 'electro brothers', a local band.

What can you do in the E3?[edit]

You could eat a bread (from the local bakery, see above) or play some games (so bring your gameboy with you). You could also watch some movies about games or even play games.

They also have their famous "Women dress like animals" show. Also, you should watch out for Oscar Wilde, he's one of the participants(see above).

The Electro Brothers[edit]

This is the band the E3 is called after. They had some hits in the late ninties. Some of their hits (This list is not complete):

  • "We E3, you pie"
  • "Rock Yeah!"
  • "Schwingen, yeah"

Some of their albums:

  • "Thriller"
  • "The worst of: Tamia"