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Despite proof like this photograph, many still believe in the foolish idea of an Earth Ball.

The Earth Ball is an anachronistic theorem that the world is shaped like a ball. Early cavemen first came up with this notion after observing that rocks roll downhill, and if one were to cut off the corners of these rocks, they would be more like rounded ball shaped rocks. Since the Earth is most likely one big rock, they postulated, the Earth must be in the same shape as one of these rocks. That, and the sun looked very round to those who were wise enough to stare directly at it.

Back in the day, others tried to argue this point with the church, notably Christopher Columbus. But this was only an excuse to find a shorter route to India and make a quick buck, and he knew the Queen would believe anything; the Queen at that time was a natural blonde.

Despite propaganda to the contrary, the Earth is not a "ball." Such primitive notions are easily dismissed by the Flat Earth Proofs. As to what the earth is in fact, many have postulated their own theories. The notable magician, James the miraculous Cricket, held the notion that earth was the DNA of the universe. He put forth several proofs showing a double helix shadow on the moon. Several popes put forth the idea that the earth only looked like a ball when in fact it was head shaped and that in reality the ground we continualy pollute and destroy is god himself. The recently revived remains of michael jackson held to the idea that as dirt is brown the giant head is obviously janet jacksons fat ass. Yes her pet donkey penelope cruz.


Are completely oppose to the idea of an Earth Ball, considering the very idea of it to be a fast track to hell. They also believe that only Scientologists can prove or disprove the idea of an Earth Ball, with those cunning tricks of theirs.

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Assuming that the world is not round... "The Earth Ball is an anachronistic theorem that the world is shaped like a ball. Fans of the flat earth society will like this one.