East Wolf Mafia

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East Wolf Mafia[edit]

East Wolf Mafia is a violent German Militant group which seeks to conquer all of europe through mind control. East wolf members are known for fortune telling and tarot card reading. They often are involved in theft to keep up living standards. They are extrememly violent and often jump right through windows as a break in tecnique. They often are seen driving Dodge Ram pick up trucks. YOu can spot a East WOlf member by the tattoo of a chicken of their neck. East wolf Mafia worships the Chicken and considers eating chickens good for the soul. Eating a chicken is reported to increase wisdom ,strength, and micheif. Members violenty oppose of democracy and think it has caused devastation upon mankind. They can often be seen protesting on the steps of goverment buildings. Members engage in talks with bill gates in attempts to turn his corparation into its hands. It has been alledged that east wolf mafia has stolen 37 million dollars from donald trump causing devastating financial problems for trump. Members attempt to frame innocent bystanders for their crimes. It is estimated 30,000 innocents are currently in prison because of east wolf tactics. East wolf mafia has been banned from 13 nations. East wolf mafia has been declared a terrorist organization by the United Nations. Kopi Annan has destain for the East Wolf Mafia. East WOlf Mafia donates a portion of its earnings to the Ronald Mcdonald house charities.

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