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Wapen ede.gif The weapon of Ede

Ede is a city in the middle of Holland. It has around 100.000 residents, and around 2.300.000 pets. Ede is known as 'the city were nobody understands anything'. Most of its inhabiants who are able to think, agree with it. The rest of the residents, don't have a opinion, because they are not able to.

The maire is Frodo Baggins, cruel the half-brother of Harry Potter. Here comes the legend. Frodo and Harry ware born on the same day, but Harry was first. Sadly, Harry was kidnapped by Master Yoda and George W. Bush (Junior). So, Frodo was the only who got a proper education, and so, he became maire of Ede. Unfortunately, Frodo became more and more cruel by the year. They say, that he once killed an autobus full of Jihad-Warriors, because they jumped the lights. Harry is now the man in the iron mask, but he isn't found yet.

Ede has many famous buildings. The most beautiful one is Weerdestein. This is the relief centre of all the schools. Always a good temperature and it will never collaps. There also are many barracks. Ede is a secret base, where many nucleair weapens of mass-destruction are. When this military base explodes, whole Ede will be gone. Butt, because it is a dumb and silly town, this wouldn't be a great catastrophe.

There aren't any famous people born in Ede. The maire and his half-brother weren't born in Ede, but in Duckburg (In dutch Duckstad).