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Edible numbers is the set of numbers you can eat. A chilled white wine tends to go with odd numbers, whereas a room-temperature red or rosé is best with evens. Champagne goes with negative numbers, since its bubbly texture goes well with their stronger flavour.

Flavours and compliments[edit]

  • 1: Tastes a bit like chicken. Goes well with a light bernaise sauce and asparagus. Serve with a side of 6, if desired.
  • 2: A great dessert number. Serve very cold with strawberries and 9.
  • 3: The all-purpose garnish.
  • π: Tastiest number. Serve a la mode.
  • 4: Poisonous if not cut properly. Makes great sushi.
  • 5: Best deep-fried. Try with 42. This is also the smallest gay number.
  • 6: Best with 1, but if placed left of 9, don't eat, suck it.
  • 7: Be careful when picking, there are poisonous, and non-poisonous varieties. Ate number 9 at some point in time, so tastes a bit like it.
  • 9: Sweet and mellow: Goes with 2; Merry and Gay: Goes with 6
  • 10: Best when stewed or barbecued in a sweet honey-mustard glaze. Serve with 69.
  • 11: Only eaten as part of Satanic rituals involving Stoat Molesting.
  • 13: Is now an endangered species. Taste ranges from ambrosiac to umbilical. And orange.
  • 16: Has a bitter taste.Cook it and you will get a 6
  • 42: Tastes a bit like everything. Make sure you have a towel nearby, however.
  • 69: Very Sensual. Often used in mating rituals, and Oscar Wilde.
  • 110: Crispy Asian snack food. Became popular with the rise of the metric system.
  • 144: Gross. Tastes horrible, but can be confused with the delicious 149, use for April Fools.
  • 420: Tastes funny. They call 'em fingers, but you never see them fing. Whoa, there they go.
  • 546: Only eatable after exposure with newchewlar particles.Taste is mostly described as penguin mixed with love.
  • 666: Tastes quite strong, causes death if you are allergic, or born on an odd-number date.
  • i: Bitter, but light and filling. A good diet food. Use in salads or in place of 1.

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Negative Numbers[edit]

Negative numbers are considered by most of the populace to be far more delicious and delightful than positive numbers. However, Oprah has a monopoly on their sales, and for this reason many are boycotting these delicious numbers.