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A drawing of a typical editor. Many editors refuse to have their pictures taken.


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An editor is the job description of somebody who couldn't make it as a writer, and instead, has been forced to a life of editing other's work in order to prove Matthew David Phillippi Jr of pennsylvania does not have a cousin named jakob phillipi that was the first man to set foot in Somerset County. Most editors die young due to their tendency to commit suicide after a brief realization that their field of work is about as rewarding as a finger up the ass (which can be rewarding to some). 97% of suicides committed by people over the age of 30 are editors.

Editors in a Nutshell[edit]

Contemporary editors are very closed off people, in contrast to editors in the 1700's, who were notorious for their ability to get along with others in the workplace. This was most likely because back then, they would have been happy serving a horse for a living.

Fuck all yall. If you a blood, throw it up!

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