Educational aspects of porn

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Yes mam

Porn is widely used as the principal means of sexual education for young adolescents. (This is as opposed to Child porn, which is intended for young children.) This is a convenient way for parents and teachers to avoid answering embarrassing questions such as "Why does my peepee itch?", "Why does Timmy keep staring at my chest?" and "What happened to all the kittens?"

Valuable lessons that can be learned from porn include:

  • Having a penis shorter than 8 inches means you're a freak of nature
    • If you are black this must be increased to 15 inches.
    • If you are asian this must be decreased to 3 inches.
  • If you can't get an erection the moment a woman touches you and maintain it for an hour, you're a freak of nature
  • Anal sex does not require any kind of lubrication
  • There is no shit in the anal cavity
  • The easiest way for a woman to reach an orgasm is by being slapped on the butt while being called a bitch, slut or whore
  • Every woman is instantly turned on by being called a bitch, slut or whore
  • No matter how good the sex is, the only way for a man to climax is by masturbating in front of a woman's waiting face and/or mouth
  • Snelching is as normal as the missionary position and orgasm-less sex for women
  • Facials are excellent for the practice of safe sex
  • Women need semen for their sustenance
  • If you're a plumber or pizza delivery man, you'll get laid during every house call
  • If a girl swallows semen her boobs get bigger and she gets hotter
  • No matter how much semen goes into the woman's womb, she will not get pregnant
  • Haseeb is a gay mutated rat, with a no penis, so a freak of nature.
  • Haseeb enjoys receiving anal.