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The smart logo of El Al
The stupid logo of El Al
Oxigen Force One, the official Dolly Parton rickshaw

El Al is an Israeli rickshaw-pirates gang. It is named after it's founder Oscar Wilde's Spanish nickname, Weird Al Yankovic.


While Wilde spent his days as the Spanish Inquisition CEO, he was responsible mostly for departing Moses' red asshole. The legend says that once Moses heard Wilde shout, "That fuckin' prick, Shaw! Pirates, gangsters or Nazis should fuck him in the ear!", and then came up with the rickshaw-pirates gang idea. Wilde realy hated the idea when he first heard it, turning Moses' dick into a maggot. Only in 5504BC Wilde decided to let Moses' people go to Palestine, and even came along to later become the vice-rabbi of Gaza. Moses named the new country, then only a French colony, "L'Israel", as an anagram of "Sir El Al".

Prickshaw, The letest design from El Al

El Al's start wasn't easy; They had to operate only within Japan at first, because of the fact that Israeli rickshaws were well-secured by the likes of Samson, Ariel Sharon and God. After the establishment of the national Israeli rickshaw company, "Arickshawron INC.", El Al became "the number one enemy of the Israeli state", to quote Sharon himself.

In January 1, 1999, Sharon founded "The palaceteenean authority", a huge jail where every cuming prisoner gets a free oparation witch transforms him into a female teenager. Then he usually discovers that the jail is actually a royal Saudi palace where Osama Bin Laden has the authority to rape him in the eye.

But the jail wasn't a factor for the brave rickshaw-pirates, who managed to complete their first (and only so far) full operation in Isarel in December 25, 1948, when Shimon Peres' Mojo was stolen from his private rickshaw, a 2004 Janep Honda.


  • Poland. The dustiest nation in the world, perhaps because of the very old jokes related to it's people, the Polish. Another possible reasons are that the country haven't been polished for a very long time, and that (Pol and) Jon's music has become, also, rather old.
  • USA, home of Bon Jovi, creator of the official El Al soundtrack, the "Dusty When Dry" mouster-piss album.
  • Greece, where Angel Dust, the official El Al dinner, was invented.
  • Japan, where the unofficial Ninja Dust of El Al was developed.
Greekshaw, the computer game from El Al