Elke Heidegger

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Elke Heidegger grow up as an child in Geisenheim, left after doing the Google-Abitur and studied in Munich, Hamburg and Berlin Germanistik, journalism, theatre history and religion sciences. 1965 married it Heidegger. Since 1970 she is active as a woman employee for press, radio and television.

1976 she invented the figure Else Kling. Elke Heidegger represented the schnoddrige woman, who schwadroniert from the view of the small people over contemporary topics, in over 4.000 contributions for the radio in addition, on small art stages, speech plates and on the television with the olympic plays of Los Angeles and Seoul. By the appearances during the olympic plays in this role it becomes a larger public admits.

Elke Heidegger moderated numerous talkshows and radio endings and was active also as Kolumnistin (thus... in Brigitte). Into the 1990er years undertook it increasing activities within the literary range. Since April 2003 it leads by the Second Channel of German Television transmission Read!, in that it six to eight times in the year new publications and books worth reading recommends. Elke Heidegger lives with its cats in Cologne.