Emboldened stupidity

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Emboldened stupidity is a type of stupidity characterized by a courageous belief in an obviously wrong or overly-simplified idea or principle, without regard to reality or the obvious contradictions caused by holding this belief. Typically, the person afflicted with this type of stupidity has a sort of delusion that reality follows belief, and in this way inverts the laws of nature and the laws of cause and effect.

Conventional Wisdom[edit]

Conventional wisdom is particularly dangerous when applied with a sense of emboldened stupidity. Since Conventional Wisdom is nothing more than rules of thumb, a person with a high degree of emboldened stupidity has a tendency to apply the rules in cases where it obviously makes no sense.

The Fast Track[edit]

Emboldened stupidity is often said to be the "fast track" to the executive ranks. Those who are gifted with this particular flavor of stupidity make fearsome politicians, excellent dictators and tyrants, and really good used car salesmen.

Many studies have shown that greater emboldened stupidity significantly increases a person's chances of becoming a major political figure or corporate executive, and one well known study at Harvard has shown that the levels of emboldened stupidity directly correlate to increased executive salary in the form of stock options.

Famously Afflicted[edit]

Many cults of emboldened stupidity have established themselves in the mainstream:

Some people well known for their highly developed sense of emboldened stupidity: