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Emo haircuts are widely regarded to be the most ridiculous thing ever. They were invented by Victor Taters Moron, the inventor of the Bowl Cut. He was cutting an emo's hair, when he suffered a Fatal heart attack with the haircut only 6 9ths done. The emo considered the pathetic hair disfiguring enough, and spread the hilarity. Of course this was after he made love to the hairdresser's lifeless corpse. The hair consists of a strange growth covering one eye, which, according to some man who stands at the train station sometimes is " good because if you come at 'em right, they don't see ya coming".

The Ridiculousness continues[edit]

The Emo haircut is spreading rapidly as a fungal infection through the bottom of society. The haircut is recogniseable in its early stages, as the victim develops a facial twitch to apparently remove the hair from in front of their eyes, but in reality is a bodily reaction to remove the hairy parasite attatched to the top of the head. Other symptoms include denial E.g."I'm not emo, Emo's a musical genre, not a fashion/ I'm trying to look hideous/ I'm not human/ It's a genetic disorder


To date there is no known cure, except from the widely recommended bullet to the side of the skull. Scientists are not trying to find a cure.