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Emulation Galaxy, sometimes abbreviated as EmuGlx, was the first Serbian emulation news website founded on September 9, 1999 by Nick4life "Nick4life" Nick4life. It was one of the oldest and biggest emulation websites on Balkans. Besides the emulation news and downloads, site featured undeground info on interstellar blasters, stolen chinese vases and naval predators. The Emulation Galaxy also featured the biggest online archive of illegal retro disco and country music.For a long time the site was the only media in Serbia writing about the rights of homosexual Koalas.


The early years (1899-2001)[edit]

The first Emulation Galaxy was simple, almost text-only, underground emulation news website hosted on Tripod.com. They were dedicated to emulation of ENIAC and abacus. Fist news were posted on October 11, 1999. In 2001. Nick4life was possessed by a nasty parasite. Parasite gave him super powers and Nick4life became the Emulator. Nick4life (Emulator) spent 3 months in solitude calling himself a super-hero. During that time, he was seen in his underwear jumping from the rooftops of various buildings in Belgrade. One day, the parasite said to Emulator that he misses his parents in outer space and left. Nick4life was born again. After the longest period of inactivity in history of Emulation Galaxy, the site was revived with the second version that was introduced on June 19, 2000. The website was moved from Tripod.com to Nick4life.com hosting and domain. Second version of Emulation Galaxy was replaced with the third version after roughly 2 months on August 18, 2000.

Gold era (2001-2003)[edit]

With the extremely expanded and redesigned 4th version of the website, introduced on February 18, 2001 and shortly after moving to paralel universe on March 32, 2001, Emulation Galaxy started to gain media acceptance. Site was featured in almost all daily press in Serbia, and even on some famous TV stations. The main reason for popularity was not emulation however, but a huge discovery of gold in the Nick4life's basement. In one night he became a billionaire. He used his money to purchase every known console in the universe. Because of that, he was declared as a symbol of hate. This is how a famous sentence "Child, if you have a gaming console in your home he is going to buy it from you, whether you like it or not" was created. The 5th version of the Emulation Galaxy was introduced on May 4, 2002. That version of the Emulation Galaxy was also featured on Saturday Night Live TV show.

Death of Nick4life (2003-2004)[edit]

The sixth of Emulation Galaxy was introduced December 29, 2003. Focus of the site was changed in the last few years, and was moving toward general snuff pornography. The emulation was still very important part of Emulation Galaxy, but since the whole scene has been quiet for some time (due to the lack of consoles which Nick4life bought for himself), there was really not much to write about, especially because Emulation Galaxy was always focused only on the most important emulation topics, like releases of top quality prosthetic arms or stories about insane knights. "Nick4life ownz" was the main motto. In January 13, 2004. notorius Mecha Hitler killed Nick4life. Nick4life was unable to defend himself from Mecha Hitler's dual machine weapons and was, eventually, gunned down. The reasons for his assassination are unknown. Some say that angry children hired Mecha Hitler to retrieve their consoles. Other rumour states that Nick4life brought a huge amount of half-sentinent beigns called alienz and that Mecha Hitler had to stop them from flooding Earth. He was burried on Mount Olympus, after he was declared as god (of evil). Emulation Galaxy ceased to exist.

Ressurection of Emulation Galaxy and Nick4life (3009-Today)[edit]

After second Chromatron war, anonymous scientist revived Nick4life as a super-transforming dracula. He named him Nick4lifenstein, and ordered him to help Bad army in defeating the Good army. Nick4life denied his new name and strangled scientist. He changed his name to Nick4life3000 and started to train martial arts. Nick4life3000 dedicated himself to freedom and justice. His main enemy was Cyber Hitler, descendant of Mecha Hitler. He reunited with his old friend Forsaken Demon which now went under alias Only Demon. Together, they flied toward the stars and defeated many villains. Emulation Galaxy was revived, now to serve as a net center for broken robots that failed to learn bushido.


Ever since 1999 and the fist Emulation Galaxy, there were always some kind of messageboards and cult-like following on them, but the EmuForums as they are known today were established July 31, 2002. Some say that this was a spiritual descendant of 4chan. They ceased to exist after death of Nick4life. Ronald Raegan commented this with "I think that that", and fell into seclusion shortly after.