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The watches in this picture aren't running because
(1) time has ended,
(2) they are broken due to melting, or
(3) it's just one of Dalí's crazy paintings.
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Those obsessed with so-called experts should thank their lucky stars that Wikipedia does not have an article about End of Time.
The end of time is a hypothetical point in time[1] at which time itself will be annihilated from existence. Similar phrases include end of eternity and end of days. However, as such a notion is quite counterintuitive, the phrase has also been used to refer to notably different concepts. In religion, it is often confused with the eschatological[2] end times, since both the words "end" and "time" occur in it and religious people tend to get confused rather easily. In science, it is often incorrectly equated with the end of the universe, since scientists treat time as something that started with the Big Bang.
STOP! HAMMER TIME! Mchammer-small.gif
What are you saying? The Big Bang was the beginning of everything, hence also of time.
Oh really? Then what came before the Big Bang? What caused it to happen in the first place?
Nothing. Nothing at all. The universe is everything, so nothing could've preceded it, stupid.
Ah, that's your first mistake. You assume that the universe, as defined by scientists, comprises the whole of reality. Clearly you are unaware that science, by definition, cannot study or describe the whole of reality, simply because the focus of science is limited to the physical universe.
And do you have some kind of evidence that supports the existence of this supposed reality outside of the physical universe?
How predictable. You demand evidence when the very definition of "outside of the physical universe" conveys that this evidence would be out of our reach.
So you don't have any evidence? Beautiful. You can't prove anything besides the physical universe exists so I win this debate. Neener neener.
Seriously? Are you really that stupid? Do you actually believe a biological creature of only moderate brain power that has explored only a strikingly tiny part of the universe is capable of deducing the non-existence of everything outside of its universe simply because of a lack of evidence?
Guys! Guys! We were supposed to write an article, remember?
Fine. Mister genius over here can write his own section about what he considers an accurate description of the phenomenon of the ending of time.
Haha! I'm totally going to pwn your ass with my badass section, motherfucker!
You're just jealous of my huge intellect!
Whatever. Write your damn section already.
Here goes, buttwipe!

Ultimate fate of the universe[edit]

The matter in the universe will rip apart to strings 22 billion years from now in the Big Rip.

Life everlasting and transcendence of time[edit]

Hahaha, this is gonna be hilarious. The section header alone is already cracking me up.

Implications of time ceasing to exist[edit]

None. They're all to stupid.


  1. More exactly the very last point. Or the proverbial 'end of the line', but in this case the "line" is reality's time line.
  2. Feel free to confuse this with "scatological" as it's bound to lead to various hilarious misunderstandings.