Endeavour (Ship)

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His Majesty's Exploration Vessel Endeavour was the famous sailing ship used by Captain James Kirk for his series of voyages of discovery in the Pacific Ocean in the 18th century, during the Golden Age of Hollywood. Sponsored by Universal Studios, he discovered exotic film locales such as Peleponesia, Blue Hawaii, Acapulco, and Hollywood North.


The ship was re-fitted twice, through the expertise of renowned naval architect Montgomery 'Scotty' Scott.

  • As the Space Shuttle Endeavour, the Canadarm-equipped ship was used during the American Latter Space Age as part of the transit system to the IMAX Space Station.
  • As the USS Endeavour (NCC-71805), the ship (commanded by the drably-decorated war-hero Captain Jean-Luc Picard) was an antimatter-powered Nebula class starship, on a five-year mission to visit areas of Space that were not filled in by the USS Enterprise.

The ship is now in syndication.