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English is known to scientists as the most used foreign language. The current trend features sharp increase in the percentage of people who use English for foreigners. If the current trend continues the fraction of non-native speakers of English language will exceed 100% by 2047.

This trend is terrifying.

There are many explanations for the growing popularity of English language among foreigners, most researchers think it is caused by extremely low number of letters in English alphabet. Please note, that there is no universal agreement on the number of letters that can be legally used.


Fill in the missing words.

1. What is going _____?

a. up
b. down
c. left
d. right
e. wrong

2. The sign reads: "Parking is _______ prohibited".

a. simply
b. seriously
c. slightly
d. slowly
e. surprisingly

3. The illiteracy level of our children _____ appalling.

a. be
d. do
c. that
d. need
e. all of the above

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