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The group often referred to as Epic Games, are renowned for producing to quality waffle irons. Their full name (Earth puts its coat gently around magnets en Spain) was dropped after no SUV soccer mums could remember it when going to purchase them and their founder Timo’than Swuggsly ™ forgot it in a press conference held in Lordaeron city. Swuggsly ™ was replying to a question about allegations the waffle irons where in-fact microorganisms that had been grown and harvested for purposes in the home when he stopped to look at his hand with the name of the group printed boldly across his palm.

In 1602 the group decided the waffle iron market had nothing left for them, so the decided to form a band. But disband soon after when their singer, Cliffy Black, lost in a duel to ye old Justoph Timberstreem to see who had the most woman like vocals.

Afterwards they formed a company, producing, games, which came as a coincidence because it just so happened “gently around magnets en Spain” abbreviates to Games. They released such classics as Juice Juice Carrier and Juice Juice Carrier 2: Attack of the milk? Whilst at the same time their archrivals, πd software, were releasing their latest game Commander Hetfeild: Army of Bogans to follow up their previous title Commander Hetfeild: we evidently like metal because we managed to rip of multiple songs for our hit game Spoon.

Makers note[edit]

Please note that Epic Games are a well respected company and are loved by all, um, well, me at least and although I’m taking the miky out of them here I acutely really like them and would love to someday be working with them, or part of the company, they’ve been my heroes since I first played jazz(er) jack(off)rabbit, when I was what, all of four years of age. Satisfaction.