Ethnic cleansing

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Ethnic cleansing, the clue is in the in the name, just a giant pool party where only those of the same ethnicity are invited. The pool parties are hosted by a company called "Nazi Nights", and they have been characterised for dousing the birthday boy or girl in pure chlorine, which is just fun in a bottle. Party games include Starvation, a funky take on the popular game of Twister, Prison Cell, which is like "British bulldog" but involves rabid wolves, and "Machine Gun the Tail on the Donkey", with the donkey as one of the unpopular guests who were invited just to keep the peace, and the "tail" being bullets.

Party Games[edit]

For an extra surcharge, Nazi Nights give out goody bags to each guest including, arsenic-flavoured party cake, hand-grenade without the pin (see if you can find it in time to receive the prize!) and neuro-toxin gas which is released upon opening the bag. If any of the guests are still alive unhappy with the service, they get a free clip of ammo emptied into their chest on the house.


Although popular all over the world, Ethnic cleansing parties are increasingly prevalent in countries such as Poland, Austria, and Germany, and several ethnic peoples are often given discounts so to encourage more custom; usually Jews, gypsies and non-white people.


Increasingly, however, trade has been lost to the rival company "Allies" who just give regular parties but are often hired due to their lower prices. Children have often complained - "I wanted an Ethnic cleansing party but my mom got me a Liberation, instead" - and this has translated into an ad-campaign from Nazi Nights - "Come to Happy Adolf's birthday parties; you'll have more fun than being Liberated!" and the popular slogan-turned catchphrase, "Those western scum don't know how to take a joke".