European Commission

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This highly secretive organization within the European Khaganate, consists of selected few soldiers, officers and generals, in the European Army. This elite group of agents within the European Pretend Parliament and elsewhere, makes all the decisions concerning life in western Europe. They regularly make expeditions to east, with specific targets assigned, mostly these missions concern the local legislation, farming, and supporting the growth of the organization. While they appear to be civil servants, they are constantly armed and very skilled f.e. in back trhobbing, stealth and other deceptive methods. Virtually nothing is known of their internal communication, most researchers suspect it is done by an archaic form of web-adapted Fortran, others claim the communication between them is done in total silence, using only paper. These are afterwards either incinerated or hidden, alongside with public documents of the said parliament, to the dump near Bruxelles or Strassbourg.