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Sure, everybody blames me for flaming Uncyclopedia, destroying matter and causing Newfoundland to explode. If anybody says that again, I am going to kill you and only you, <insert name here>. I think you morons should think more of yourself and not me. You are annoying.

Case 1: Flaming Uncyclopedia[edit]


I'm sorry, did I just hear you say Flaming Uncyclopedia? I did not do that, Mr. Idiot. I even got banned for a month. They said that if I do anything like that again, they will eliminate me. They also said that every image, article and contribution I create will be deleted. Why, if I was a sysop, I'd kill everybody. Try to delete ALL my contributions, foolish slaves!

Once again, I did NOT flamen Uncyclopedia. The word flamen is from the cardioctinary and does not mean flamingo, you idiot. I actually don't know who flamed Uncyclopedia. That just makes me more the suspect I already am, doesn't it? I think it was probably some noob or geek who hacked into the Uncyclopedia server and caused all articles to explozet. I still say that you're a moron, moron.

I also think you suck at extreme measures.

Case 2: Destroying Matter[edit]

Not me, I would not destroy matter. According to my semi-correct calculations, I could not of destroyen time, idiot. Here it be:

“It is impossible to destroy matter, as for the fact that matter is both time and space. This means, that in order to destroy matter, we need to find a way to stop time after we have eliminated space. This will cause us to stop too, but at least we try. Destroying time, on the other hand, is impossible, because the other hand is full of space. So is the other other hand. So is the third and fourth hands and the six legs. And I only have 2 hands and 2 legs which are both matter-based.”

~ Me on Destroying matter

Case 3: Exploding Newfoundland[edit]

Then again, it sounds like a good idea

Newfoundland? I have never even been there, but as I can see, that comment just, once again, made me the prime suspect. Every sysop and user knows, that Newfoundland still exists. Moron.

Although what really bugs me is you asking. You may also need psychiatrist help. Truly, thinking that Newfoundland exploded is the same as thinking that you are a doctor. If you did ask me this, go see the article Help:I'm Crazy:Help.

Thirdly, if you take a look at the map on the right, you can see that Newfoundland is alive. Er, umm... *runs away*.

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