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It comes at a moment when I have to say that there is an anti-christ agenda and sadly its within our church. Since the lockdown our churches have adhered to the Governments’ lockdowns however it did not have to be like that. They really should have been open. Our churches were closed at a time where we needed them the most. Countless of times our priests have been mentioning the second coming of Jesus but DO YOU really know what that means? if no then it will be soon. How do I know well I have been doing a lot of research and finding articles that Jesus will be coming to us. This is the end times.

So what does one do? I can tell you that we must prepare ourselves and stand up for what is right. So the first thing is we must invite God into our lives through:

Attendance of Mass (no webcam unless you are impaired) “Holy is the presence of mass” (Mass is a gift Jesus gave to those who believe in him a gift before he departed from this world).

Prayers, daily prayers such as ‘The Rosary’, Mercy Divine Chaplet at 3pm (if you can), Crusade Prayers (see crusadeprayersonline.org), Novenas,

Adoration of the Eucharist at least once a week for one hour. So how do you adore? You can do this by just sitting quietly or you can read the bible or think things out with him on the altar or say the rosary. Its that simple. There are countless miracles through the eucharist in countries such as Mexico, Poland and India see The Lumen Fidei Institute published in 2017 on this or go to www.therealpresence.org for information on miracles.

Bible reading daily. Just open the book and read a page or two and you will get some meaning out of it. It takes time some days its a struggle and other days you want to read more. The bible is the word of God a book about how you live according to his word.

Confession. Why go to Confession? well its the most holy thing to do to get rid of your wrong doings or sins and the priest is the mediator. Did you know that worrying is a sin? Its natural to worry but we must get rid of most of it through confession, so we can start all over again like a new born baby.

There are many visionaries who tell us that we are at the end times. From day one I did not like the wearing of masks and still dont. GOD IS OUR SHIELD NOT A MASK. The Church must stand separate to Mans law. We the people who reside in this town must protect what is right.

This is my coronavirus prayer: Eternal Father, through the precious blood of Jesus, heal me, protect me and vaccinate me from this virus and all others I meet in my daily life. Amen. (look up fatherofloveandmercy.wordpress.com about global vaccinations).



“The World is now Entering the Peak, the Cusp Of Its Own Corruption”


October 29 message - Jesus. Source: Irelands Eye, December 2020.

Jesus warns: The “World is sinking into the bowels of antichrist”

LOOKED at in the light of everything that been happening across the globe since the start of 2020, it has become a self-evident fact that the message which Christina Gallagher received from Jesus in July 2019, is perhaps the clearest and most direct given anywhere in the world to one of the “little victims” - chosen by heaven to warn mankind of what is happening to their world, and afflicting so many people.

In the message for 16 and 25 July, 2019 - the two major days at the House of Prayer in Achill - Christina Gallagher was told by Jesus to “relate what I tell you to the people of the world”. Among the key elements was the following, which Jesus addressed to “My people” when he added: ‘Pray for wisdom, because you do not understand Truth...trust in Me. You will see many dangers and disasters come to your world - all of which you have drawn upon yourselves through sin, as My Hand approaches the earth. ”...How your leaders allow greater powers to dictate to them, to take over and lead your countries, but only to destroy them. There is corruption everywhere, the world is led by and through corruption. The world is now entering the peak, the cusp of its own corruption.”

A short time later, Jesus elaborated further, saying: “There is much change coming to your world. It is about to experience the depth of its sin and drink of its wounds brought about by sin. the world has disowned Me, its Creator and Redeemer...

“There are many leaders of the world who exercise their power according to him who is darkness and they are drawing destruction upon the world while the people of the world remain blind to this, and doubt the truth of what I call you to. My people, how can you be so foolish?

“Recognise the depth of sin the world has drawn upon itself. The elements reject the depths of darkness. The earth vomits from its bowels as it rebukes humanity’s sin and depraved behaviour...the destructive angels of darkness are everywhere.” EARLIER MESSAGES

In a succession of messages in the past 5 years, Jesus made it clear that people had been offered every opportunity for decdes to heed the warnings given through “little ones” like Christina by Him and by His Blessed Mother, but the only response from the majority was to find fault with the ‘little ones’ conveying the	messages. “My mercy will soon be unwanted and disowned, just like Myself, but when the world’s inhabitants deny Me in full, you will experience My justice,”. He told Christina in May, 2016. In July that same year, He warned: “Your world is descending into a destruction of its own making. Many will perish countries will be devastated, with many souls departing your world destined for hell, unwilling to ask for My Mercy...the Book is opened and draws upon an ungrateful people. My justice...there will be great suffering and much fear but to no avail. My Father knows the hour. It is near, Be prepared!”
In a special call from Jesus on 13 December, 2016 for fasting and prayer, Jesus said: “My people. See what is taking place in your world! Your leaders, many of them have signed agreements with poison in their pen for your destruction...You can see how perverse so many are becoming...many leaders have signed documents to destroy many of you; it is all in the plan of him who	antiChrist, living among you. 

“Wake up! Your world has become a cesspool from hell, where many are going, and you do not even see the grave danger you are in - in body, but greater is the danger to your soul.”


On 10 February 2017, Jesus warned of “an enormous multiplication of evil coming to the world in the next moon and half moon, though hidden from the world” and Christina could see many devils coming up out of hell, and she heard a voice calling: “Trouble, trouble unto the earth!”
She saw a long white table with many men in white robes debating about the times mankind is now in, and could hear them say “O you of Babylon” and said: “The world is becoming like the ‘whore of Babylon”.
She saw Jesus sitting with them, and heard Him say: “The seals are being broken, one by one, leading to the seal, that only the Lamb can open.”
Jesus said that there were many little ones that He and His Mother had called to help and to enlighten the world, and to whom He had been manifested Himself, to show the truth of His call and that of His Mother - only to be 

denied by the Church and hidden from the world. Then she saw a clock with the time of one minute to twelve, and saw an army marching, preparing for war.

Our Lady spoke to Christina on the same occasion telling her: “God is deeply offended by people. He is going to be much more deeply offended in the time to come.
“Yes, the fruitfulness of my womb I brought forth for the redemption of the world, Our Saviour. God desires that there will be much reparation as we enter the final phase of the End Times. That is why I desire to console you! Now you must trust. I am your Mother and I am here with you. I am the Mother of Jesus. I am the mother of the children of the world. I am the Mother of the Eurcharist. Tell all my children to love him in the Eucharist and in their hearts every day; live by the law of God. Always live in truth, love and unity...”
Then Our Lady spoke to Christina about the “abomination”...saying this will cause great distress for humanity, with great pain, and tears.
In the message for 16 and 25 July, 2017, Jesus said: “My people...prepare for the day of the great apostasy, its destruction and division is with you and its schism will be fulfilled very soon.
“I have desired you live in Truth and receive My Light. Soon, you will witness the great black apostasy. If you are in Truth and Light, you will have nothing to fear...The cycle of life is changing before your eyes, but many of you see nothing.”	Message For Christina
In a special message of consolation directed at Christina on 2 Aug 2017, 

Jesus told her: “Your sufferings are many..I draw your sufferings through your offering of will and many souls are being saved. A great battle of the principalities is being fought around your life, and you experience its effects. You are hated by the devil because of your offering through your will to Me...I experience your life offering to Me. If only you could see in your earthly time, the many souls that you have permitted Me to save...”

He advised of what the world was now facing...”much change, war, war, war, unrest, weather changes beyond man’s understanding..” and Jesus added: “The world’s offences to My Sacred Heart through sin are enormous.”

‘Cesspool of Iniquity’

In a very stern message, largely about the Church, given on 16 Aug, 2017, Jesus said: “I became Man to save man from himself. In My Mercy, I became Man and man was begotten in My Life. O you foolish people who choose to live in stench of sin and reject My Mercy! The world has become a cesspool of iniquity and how My people bathe in it, as if that were their inheritance!
“How man within My Church has drawn My Church into the stench of such..its mire of filth pierces My Sacred Heart!  	 So many have become one in its depraved actions. How many who received their power and state in My Church through..plunder truth in fulfilling the needs of the flesh to draw them to loss of faith and in their actions, lead them to condemnation. So many live by the world. My people..within My Church, how you have made yourselves pariahs before Me.! You partake of filth and live like animals. I gave you life - you repay Me, by becoming death..My Church will soon be shaken to its foundations, as it makes way for antiChrist to rule and sit on the chair of Peter..how the evil one rejoices to see this, but for man to destroy My Church and lead My people astray!”
We’ve looked her at just a small part of what Christina was given in the short period of 9 months, between Dec 2016 & Aug 2017, but in that short period alone, what the Irish visionary received relity, in regard to both the rapidly worsening conditions for all the world’s inhabitants, and the worsening situation within the Christ’s Church. Everything that mankind has been warned about for decades is now being fulfilled very rapidly, and it has left billions of people confused and concerned, as the plans of those who’ve been 	 pushing governments and countries int taking decisions which lead only to destruction come close to fruition.
The time for ignoring unpleasant truths and shutting our eyes and ears to the clear heavenly warnins given throughout the world for so many decades is now available to us no longer. As Jesus advised Christina in Sept. 2018: ”..Time is NOW. Your time is short...the choice is yours. My people, I love you..turn to me while you have time.”


The new message from Jesus given to Christina, on Thurs, Oct 29, 2020: “The world is sinking into the bowels of antichrist. The humanity of the world begins its Calvary, brought about by you - people who refuse to respond to Truth and to live the call of My Mother and Myself throughout the world.
“I have called and brought about signs which so many people wanted, but to no avail. You people, many of you chose to take part in the flesh and the world’s fruits. You refused to listen, but you were able to mock and lead others to disbelief with you. Now you sink into the bowels of antichrist and you will be held bound in its clutches. You will have no control over your persons or possessions in the world, and your suffering will be great.
“Woe unto the people of the Americas: there were none of you who desired to help in My Mother’s Houses that were given for your protection. You were too busy, living lives of the world in sin. Many of those who did come, came only to partake of its 

goods, to steal - with no thought or interest to live My call and that of My Mother.

(Jesus then referred in stark terms to the wrongdoing against His Mother’s House in Ohio..) ”..and there were only 4 people who worked in my Mother’s House in the Americas who were genuine.
“The world will endure unbearable suffering because of its lack of response. People, if only you had listened and responded, it would be so very different.
“He who had an authority over this Mission used his voice and pen to bring its fruitfulness for souls to an end. Woe unto him who is united in the darkness of such evil.
“Those who received the gift of healing for all to see and hear about, gave back unto Me only insult rather than thanksgiving.
“The House of Prayer that were called for by My Mother and Myself were deserted by you, people. As you have failed to respond they have been left barren. The fruitfulness has been lost due to your lack of response, but has been regained through My Mercy and through the endurance of sufferings you have imparted to My little one and My brother, Gerard. You people have cast every kind of calumny unto them and especially unto My poor little one.
“You people who have done harm and have caused such pain unto her, need to ask for pardon and forgiveness from Me and from her.
“I am your Lord God. “Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”