Extreme Fencing

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:Many people would think of extreme fencing as either building a fence as fast as you can with some dangerous factor, or sword fighting on the edge of a volcano or some other dangerous place, but it's not. Extreme Fencing is a much better, more family friendly sport, it's sword fighting in a dangerous place while building a fence as fast as you can.

The Fencing part of extreme fencing[edit]

The fence you build in extreme fencing is pretty much pointless. It's basically just there to make things harder/funnier for the fencers/audience. However, fencers have found the nail gun, power drill, boards, and other fence building things to come in handy.

The Fencing part of extreme fencing[edit]

Standard fencing rules apply. Fencers decide whether to play to the death, to first blood, to 20 points, to first blood, to 19 points, to the death, to 18 points, till their arms hurt, to 17 points, to the death, till the train comes to 16 points, till one of them steps on a mine, to the death, to 15 points, till someone gets hurt, to 16 points, till the PS4 comes out, to 14 points, or till they're both hungry.

Common Places of Fencing[edit]

in "regular" fencing people fence in imaginary railroad tracks, and a penalty is given for stepping out of them. In extreme fencing, a common place to fence is real railroad tracks, and the penalty for stepping out is getting nail gunned to death by your opponent. Some people like to fence on an active volcano.
  • Here's a list of good places to fence
    1. Railroad tracks- Railroad tracks, although not to dangerous during certain times of the day are especially good when there's a train coming, A good time to jump off the tracks is when your opponent is getting hit by the train. This takes great timing but is well worth it because you can't get nail gunned to death by a stain on a train.
    2. Volcanoes- Both fencers usually die in a volcano fight, but it's fun while it lasts.
    3. Interstate Highways- like the Railroad, somebody usually ends up as a smear on a windshield.
    4. Your Grandmothers back yard- you don't even want to go there man...
    5. Irish Pubs- what's more fun than a pub fight?
    6. U.S. and Mexico boarder- this is how the border patrol keeps their fence builders entertained.
    7. Your Grandmothers back yard- my best friend Jack got caught in a bear trap back there once. poor Jack....
    8. Nuclear test sites- If you don't die of the explosion, you die from the third arm growing in your lungs afterwards.
    9. Circus Tight-ropes- there really isn't much room for the fence, but extreme fencing's just not the same without the fence.
    10. Your Grandmothers living room- even worse than the back yard man...
    11. Nursing homes- For some reason they don't appreciate kids coming in and killing themselves while building a fence in the front room. And it smells funny.
    12. Piranha infested rivers- need I say more?
    13. Your Grandmothers back yard- I'm tellin' ya man... stay away from the yard... it's too dangerous.
    14. An active mine field- almost as bad as your grandmas yard.