Extreme Snooker

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It was obviously not Ronnie's round

Extreme Snooker is a cracking new pastime, which is gripping university students worldwide. The rules are VERY simple:

Cquote1.png You must find an 'extreme' home for junk left by the side of the road by your local council and then alert as many people as possible by word of mouth, photography, videos, or posting photos on-line. Cquote2.png

The junk acts as your balls, you local area is your table and the new home you find for the junk acts as your pockets. You put the balls in the pockets and so you are a cue.

Examples include:

Extreme Homes Abandoned junk
The roof of your university Traffic cones
The roof of your shopping mall Road signs
On top of a famous monument Road blocks
Down your pants JCBs (Very rare)
Down your lectures pants Temporary traffic lights