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Extreme Sleeping[edit]

Extreme sleeping is a sport that involves sleeping for long periods of time. Although it was invented in Sweden, extreme sleeping is becoming ecspecially popular among young American males. Obese children who don't want to play a real sport because they "don't like running" usually will try extreme sleeping. Extreme sleeping is also gaining popularity as a spectator sport (people seem to enjoy watching 180-pound twelve-year-olds wet their beds)

The Origin of Extreme Sleeping[edit]

Extreme sleeping was derived from the generation of Kitten Huffers who, after having extreme hangovers, passed out but continued to do the things of their daily routines. This was created back in 1436 by Shmitty Worminghanger Manjensen With help from Ernie MacPhee. They had had an extreme night of Kitten Huffing and soon passed out for a day. The next day, they found out that they had earned promotions for being so damned efficient the previous day in their day jobs. They managed to do 3 weeks worth of work, drink a few gallons of beer and even to get laid all in one day. Later, they decided to share their idea with the world. Hundreds of thousands of people began sleeping, creating a huge boom in corporate production that led to the Industrial Revolution. However, in the 20th century, many jobs were outsourced to weird places like India. This resulted in a lot of people being fired. Many of these people, now expert sleepers, decided to make a professional sport out of sleeping, and thus extreme sleeping was invented.


According to the International Extreme Sleeping Federation, extreme sleeping has an official set of rules.

1. Everyone goes to sleep at the same time 2. The person who wakes up last wins 3. All participants are to sleep in a bed built according to ISEF standards

The ESL[edit]

The Extreme Sleeping League is a professional organization that plays in the United States. The ESL features a 16 game season, with eleven teams competing for the title of "World Sleeping Champion". However, there is controversy going on in the league due to some players using sleeping pills.