Extreme wet t-shirt lawn bowling

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This game is usually played with an even amount of players (divisible by four) from 4 to 8 in each game.

Much like tournament bowling, each contestant rivals off against one other person each round. Unlike tournament bowling, the contestant is the ball.

First the contestant starts by rolling around in a wading pool of vegetable oil in preparation. Once covered in the oily goop, the contestant waddles his/her way to the edge of a slip-n-slide with ankles tied to allow only 3 inches of foot movement.

The slip and slide itself requires a bed of rocks and boulders as a canvass and not the standard lawn grass that one would normally be accustomed to sliding on. At the other end of the slip-n-slide sits 10 garden gnomes. Whichever contestant can slide to the end of the slip-n-slide and knock down as many garden gnomes as possible with retaining consciousness wins the round.

A contestant is declared the winner once all opposing contestants and tiers are defeated. At this point, the winner can accept challenges from those who obtained 2nd, 3rd or 4th in the game, but the challenging contestant must win while blindfolded with hands tied behind the back in order to claim victory from the original winner.