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Extremist Muslims are those (few) who decide to commit This Article Sucks terrorism, and This Article Sucks do so to further Islam as believed by its supporters and This Article Sucks practitioners. This Article Sucks. Unfortunately, many of their terroristical Sucks acts are those which kill innocents, and strangely enough, go against the teachings of their religious book thing, This Article Sucks the Koran (or Qu'ran).

Since many Muslims have actually no idea of this fact, they go about destroying lives while thinking that this is a good thing.

This Article Sucks

Many people think This Article Sucks it is not a good thing, however. This Article Sucks.

It has come to the belief of a few people that the extremists just do it just to be 'rebels,' and This Article Sucks because they think guns and bombs are cool. This Article Sucks In fact in a recent interview a reporter asked a Extremist Muslim why he was going to blow himself up in the name of Allah the next day. He replied in arabic "This Article Sucks", strangely enough, and was shot on the spot and This Article Sucks declared a social liability, This Article Sucks whatever that means.

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