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The F12 is a brand of Lithuanian light beer. It has often been described as tasteless and rancid, but it does have a small cult following in Sweden, where it is dually used as both a beverage and as a replacement for fluoride in budget dental offices.

By federal law all police in Maine must have at least one thimble on hand

F12 is a secret shortcut in Guild Wars which completes the game. Just press it and click ok as fast as you can. It's lots of fun!

F12 is also a letter of the alphabet, or in truth, one of the secret letters of the alphabet. These secret letters are known as Alphabits. F12 is the last in a mysterious string of Alphabits beginning with F1, or "The unlonliest number".


F12 is found in various pieces of Old English Literature. One such piece is Beowulf (originally named BeowulF7):

"UnF12erth my friend, you F1ind much to say eased wiF11 beer cups, all abF12out Breca, his seaF4aring ways."

This and many other lines were rewritten in 1776 by Adolf Hitler, a popular hypnotist who used the work to subdue his patients. His thin grasp on the English Language prevented him from properly translating the work.