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“Fcuk, fcukitty fcuk, fcuk, fcuk!!”

~ Kenny on Fcuk


~ Oscar Wilde on Fcuk

FCUK is a ridiculous shop that thniks that it can fool all of us into not realising that a store named "French Connection UK" isn't just using the f-word to sell stuff. Actually the full name of the shop is 'French Connection UK Youth Union Operation' but they realised they could svae £3 a sign by leaving off some of the letters. I mean, cmoe on.

This is what it really says!!!. Fight the power!!! SOYLENT GREEN IS MADE OF PEOPLE!!!!! AAAAAAAAA!!!!

If I wanted to sell some goddamn doughnuts and called them FUCK YOU doughnuts I would probably be arrested or something but these fcukwits can get away with it because they're French or something, I don't konw. Maybe they just don't know how to spell.

History of FCUK[edit]

FCUK was started as an evil project by SMERSH to find a way to put the F-word everywhere. It was discovered this could be dnoe if the letters were mixed up to confuse stupid people.

Fcuking Tourists[edit]

Any British traveler worth his salt will pack an FCUK Tshirt before traveling to Australia. This is worn at every possible moment to show the world how humorous and clever the brand is. Strangely, the last time the British traveled in numbers to to Oz was in the 19th century, they wore shirts with POHM on them meaning "Prisoner Of Her Majesty" Now Aussies call them Poms, using the same tradition Australians often wonder how fcuks could be correctly addresed.

Using FCUK[edit]

When going into an FCUK shop announce very loudly that you are going into fuck and remember to never call it by its real name unless you want the French to win.

To boys:[edit]

Slogans like "I'd fcuk me" are not witty nor subtle. Why not get some fuzzy felts and write "Sad and dseparate" across your chest? It's cheaper and closer to the truth.

To girls:[edit]

There are better ways to get laid than wearing a FCUK T-shirt, try wearing an "I'm a sex addict, come fuck me now!!" T-shirt, or forget about the T-shirt and go topless.

Other amusing clothing brands that look a bit like swear words[edit]



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