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FROY: a better version of ROFL as it is pronounceable. This article is a pathetic attempt to create an In-Joke by a contributor who is such a wiki n00b he doesnt know how to edit his user page or how to Link this to ROFL so he can get page views, this may be due to overhuffage of one or more orange kittens (they fuck you up real good).

Also note that he is likely to steal stole from other topics to obtain the code.

The enormously clever creator of this page cannot find the template to advertise he was huffing kitten at the time of this topic's creation! HELP HIM!

FROY Products[edit]

The wild nonexistent popularity of FROY has spawned a variety of idiotic spinnoff products that appeal only to the article's creator, and one other total imbecile in Ohio.

  • I Can't Believe its not ROFL!
    An example of a poor chatter caught up in a FROY cycle.
A wildly unsuccessful product that proliferated among internet chat rooms due to its easy spreadability, it was so easy to get the entire room saying FROY when anything the slightest bit funny was posted.
This unfortunatly caused people to shout 'FROY' when someone else said 'FROY' or 'George W. Bush is smart' this continued until the unsuspecting chatters went bat fuck insane and their heads subsequently exploded. This phenomena is known as a FROY cycle.
  • FROY Aikman
Used as a substitute for Troy Aikman during a post-season game while the star quarterback was recovering from a strong kitten overdose (apparently no one told him the orange ones fuck you up real good).
However, fans did not readily accept this cheap replacement and FROY Aikman was removed from play in favor of newly acquired rookie second-string Quarterback Fisher Price.
  • FROYlent Green (alt. Froylent Green)
Widely popular remedy for sufferers of Soylent Green addiction. Used extensively in rehab clinics for 32 brazilian years. The government recently released files on this replacement in 6000 B.C.

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