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The Fail Boating Lines Logo

Fail Boating Lines is a company owned by Captain Puggie Stoned, who bought it with a bounced cheque.


Fail Boating Lines were founded in 1909, when they bought a canoe called "Mysteriaux." Mysteriaux was destroyed by the Nazis in 1944, when a civillian rented the canoe and attempted to help on D-Day. A funeral service was held for the canoe in 1954, after the Boating Lines realized the canoe was destroyed. The company was now nearing bankrupcy, so they bought a boat built in 1874, called The Failboat. After many years, the company sued the Captain of the boat for the lost revenue. He bought the company with imaginary money and somehow pulled it off.


Fail Boating lines has several boats. The more famous ones are:

  • Mysteriaux (1909-1944)
  • The Failboat (1894-)
  • GestapoBoot (1941, bought from Heinrich Himmler,)
  • Dunny (1999-2001)


The current CEO is Puggie Stoned, Captain of the Failboat. The VP is FailCat, who is Stoned's cat. I think they have employees too.

Current Financial Situation[edit]

Fail Boating Lines currently has a total net worth of 3.672 cents. The monthly income is .09 of a cent, and monthly expenses are down to zero due to the self sufficiency of the company.


FBL has been sued many times due to certain occurences on the Fail Boat. However, the company still lives. They also have been involved in a conterversial case. Also, their marketing department, which has one employee (a hobo), has been critisized for many strange advertisments by the CEO and VP.

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