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“I bet Oscar Wilde wishes he was this gay”

~ God on Fairy Tales

“Worlds worst album.”

~ That Guy on Fairy Tale by the homo known as Alexander Rybak
A fairy tale

A fairy tale is--by definition--a tale about, or involving, fairies.

While the Bible has often been accused of containing many fairy tales, it does contain one. "The Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah" includes rather a lot of fairies, who are swiftly and painfully destroyed by the fashion police by having burning sulphur rained down upon them.

  • A fairy tale is not to be confused with a fairy's tail.
  • It is also not to be confused with a ferry tale, which is a story about boats. NOAH.ARC is a well-known Biblical ferry tale.

A Fairy Tail[edit]

Once upon a time...[edit]

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess called rosella and rosella was very nice but one time her parents locked her up in a mirrored house so no one would ever save her. The princess told her parents that it was not fair so her parents said, “well. the only way for you to be free is if a hansom prince comes and slays the Ortons and saves you.”

5 years later[edit]

The prince gallops on his talking horse to try and save the princess. “Is this the mirrored house?” said the prince. “Yes, it is”, said the horse. “oh well, lets go in.” “Princess, oh princess, were are u” “I am in here” “Where? I can not see you!” “Smash the glass open” “What with?” “The magic rubber band” “What?” “Didn’t you slay the Ortons?” “no.” “oh no! quick go out side and slay the Ortans/” “Ok. How many of them are there?” “Loads. Now quick now go out side and kill them” “Right! Bring it on!” Ching ching goes the sword ttttttuuuuuu ttttttuuuuuu goes the rockets. “Right! Come on princess lets go and take you back to the castle.”

A few days later[edit]

“Oh no not the Ortons again” “come on lets go” tttuuu tttuuu cling cling “yes I have done it again It must be my lucky day today saved a beautiful princess and I killed the Ortons and the prince and princess lived happily ever after.”

The above was written by an unknown author, although it can be presumed by the quality of the work that it was written by a highly prestigious writer. Famous people have debated long and hard on the identity of this elusive personality, but it is suspected to either be Oscar Wilde (most things are) or George Bush.

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