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The evil dragon is going to kill another poor cat! Can you see the remorselessness in her evil eyes??? How do you mean they are closed? ...What?... NO! SHE IS NOT SLEEPING! SHE IS BRUTALLY KILLING A CAT AGAIN! THIS BLOODY GOD FORSAKEN B...


“LOL, I killed your cat!!!”

On her full name, "Curiosity, the dreamdweller" is a very famous, young female dragon. Daughter of the ancient dragons, "Discovery, the everflyer" and "Desire, the wishchaser". Every people talk abaut her, but they don't even know of it!

She become famous by killing cats. She is an expert of cat eating, sometimes she dosent't even know whan she accidently eats a cat.

She deny all the cat killing she did. She says: "I did nothing, it's all the cats fault! Please don't hurt me! Mommy! They want to hurt me!". But everyone know she is lieing. Just how could a cat kill itself???

This mercieless beast enjoys killing, and not only cats! Millions where killed by her! Even before she hatched! Curiosity is the ancient enemy of every being on this world, and the fearsest dragon alive (despite that she is only 135 years old, what is considered very young amongst dragons!)

In fact, all suffering and death is cause by her! The greek mythology says that is was Pandora who releashed all of these, but Pandora says: "It wasn't me! It was Curiosity what made me open the box!"

Memorable quotes:

  • "Hmmmmm... What this button do?"
  • "It wasn't me!"
  • "I wonder how cats would taste with chili"


Agilometalius in his human form, known as Herman 'Shred' Li. Notice that he could not hide his long dragon crest, so he try to make it look like hair

His full name is Agilometalius, the noisemaker. He always enjoyed making strange noises. However, through the centuries his fellow dragons got annoyed of his addiction to strange noises, so they decided to exile him.

Agilometalius was upset to lose his friends, his family, but what could he do if they hated the earsplitting sounds he made? "They don't understand the art of music..." He said. And so, he learned the magical art of shapeshifting, and turned himself into a human, to start a new life.

He called himself Herman Li in his human form. First he tried to live a normal life, but his addiction to annoying sound presisted, so he decided to make an advantage of his talents. "Thies humans look insane enough, they may like my music!" He thought, and grabbed a guitar.

(On the video to the left Agilometalius shows his favorite guitar noises.)

Humans did like his music, but Agilometalius didn't like their. "They are hell slow..." He played in several metal and rock bands, but then he decided to form his own band called DragonHeart. (That name later changed to DragonForce, to represent his guitar playing technics). "All right! What kind of music will we play?" His bandmates asked Agilometalius. "Well, we will play extremely fast, with powerfull drums, and of course something metal-like rhythm... lets play Extreme Power Metal!" And so Agilometalius finally found his place in the world, and his happyness through playing his 'Extreme Power Metal'.