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For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the "questionable parody" of this website called Wikipedia have an article about Fantasia.

“All juiceheads are centaurs, but you can be a centaur without being a juicehead!”

~ Beavis and Butthead admires how Disney could make this 70 years before MTV did a show that is quite reminiscent to Fantasia

Fantasia is supposedly the best known Disney film ever. But also a film that shows off more nudity than any porn movie. The only difference is that it contains music from Beethoven, Bach, and Stravinski so to even it out.

Fantasia (1940)[edit]

Fantasia was in theaters in 1940, right after they played "Gone With the Wind" and before they played "Citizen Kane" in many theaters.

Canon in D Minor[edit]

The song that was used was "Canon in D Minor", the same one that was used for Phantom of the Opera. Instead...the Philadelphia Orchestra is playing the piece. This part is rarely used and unknown so...let's forget this part.

Nutcracker Suite[edit]

This part contains a lot of nudity, fairies, and mushrooms played in the tune of Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker Suite". This is when the film starts picking up. The scene is basically about "The Four Seasons", but who cares? The weeds and mushrooms dance!

Sorcceror's Apprentice[edit]

This part has Mickey Mouse in the movie and has the music of "The Sorcceror's Apprentice" and it features Yen Sid, an Alchemist who puts Mickey Mouse to work and after stealing Yen Sid's hat, Mickey would make brooms do his work...but what he didn't know was that these brooms would try and drown Mickey. But Yen Sid stopped all this and Mickey gave Yen his hat back and turned Mickey to a broom so he can chop Mickey up. (Don't you wish)?

The Rite of Spring[edit]

The sequence is about how earth was created...according to science since Adam and Eve don't have a part. Most of the scene was about dinosaurs who lived and died alongside with the music "The Rite of Spring" by Igor Stravinsky.

Pastoral Symphony[edit]

After the violent scene with dinosaurs and Mickey turning into a broom, we go into Greek mythology where you see a lot of topless centuars, satyrs, pegasus and cherubs that frolic around Mount Olympus. There's a scene where Zeus throws rain on all of them and they all get wet. This scene in "Fantasia" is one of the most memorible scenes with the music by Beethoven's "Pastoral Symphony".

Dance of the Hours[edit]

Moving on...we have "Dance of the Hours" by...Somebody we don't know about. But we do know that there's alligators trying to love the Hippopotamus and Ostriches feeding tons of grapes to the Hippos. There's also Elephants too and this scene has extreme animal orgies and the film almost breaks after that scene.

Night on Bald Mountain/Ava Maria[edit]

But wait...the finale contains Satan who lives on Bald Mountain and there's a song that has the same name. This scene is more nightmarish than any horror film you can ever think of...okay maybe with the exception of "Saw".

But once you hear a Church Bell...Satan goes back to hell and "Ava Maria" plays. The movie ends with the orchestra leaving, so that must leave too!


The only nude scene in "Fantasia/2000"...or so we expect. Donald Duck on a hammock drinking Mai Tais.

After the success of "Fantasia", Disney wanted to make a sequel. He tried many times, but they would wind-up being another movie. Here's a few examples....

Fantasia (1945)[edit]

This time it would have Donald Duck, but Donald never wanted to be in a classical film since everyone would be asleep before it's over.

Result..."The Three Caballeros" starring Donald himself, Joe Carioca, and Panchito.

Fantasia (1969)[edit]

This is the original title of "Yellow Submarine", but since John Lennon pissed on his grave once he died, Disney decided to decline having the movie made. But fear not, people who love remakes...

Result..."Yellow Submarine" and it was released by MGM and Had The Beatles.

Here's another reason why this film was NOT "Fantasia/1969".

Fantasia (1976)[edit]

This would never pan-out since Classical Music was killed by Disco at this time and everyone was off the mushroom high.

Result..."1976" a sequel of "1776".

Fantasia (1984)[edit]

This was another version that would never be seen since there was no idea of how they could make a movie for it.

Result..."1984", released by Paramount and won many Oscars including The Best Damn Picture Ever, Period.

Fantasia (2000)[edit]

This is the only one that did get released. There were still the classical songs, but there was also songs by Gershwin and Elgar (and yes, It's the Graduation Song)! Donald Duck finally got a role and so did Noah. Though there's no dancing hippos...there's a dancing flamingo and flying whales who go to Mars.

This film was released on the first day of 2000 in IMAX Theaters, so only some got to see it.

Fantasia (2012)[edit]

This is supposed to have Goofy in the film as well as Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. The singer named Fantasia will host the film. It will be released on 12/20/2012!