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Farmers Branch (aka Retardville, USA) is a small town with a population of 19,990. The community is located in the great state of in Texas that is the home to farmers and rednecks. The official cash crop are potato chips and everyone loves country music. Farmers Branch is also the place where Juan Pablo Montoya first got his American citizenship, after marrying Dora the Explorer, who is a Latino that was born in the United States. NASCAR is considered to be a sacred sport there, and the local Protestant church's meetings must end 2 hours before NASCAR time, so the people have time to prepare their favorite NASCAR munchies. The town is located right smack in the middle of the Bible Belt, and anyone showing liberal beliefs will either be ridden out of town on a rail, cruxified, have his head chopped off, or be sent to a mental hospital, depending on how severely liberal that person is.

There is a major university in the town called Clown University, which accepts all the high school graduates that all the other universities deny. Graduates from here end up becoming members of the circus, where they spend every night travelling across America, watching Wheel of Fortune on a different CBS station. The film The Waterboy was originally meant to be filmed here, but cheaper filming costs in Louisiana due to people that are more uneducated than in Farmers Branch, meant that the really good scenes were filmed in Louisiana (the wedding scene at the end was indeed shot in Farmers Branch).