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“No fatwa chicks!”

“Praise the WA!”

~ Andy Bruce


The Wa is a Japanese syllable, common in the fertile agricultural lands around Tokyo, known for its short breeding cycle and cute furry appearance. In Arabic-speaking countries, it has been found to rapidly gain weight, leading to the name Fat-wa in those parts.


In Arabic speaking countries, the Fat-wa became such a nuisance that several governments and other entities began efforts (called the Fat-wa Elimination Society) to annihilate the Fat-wa population. These efforts have been largely succesful. Today, the term Fat-wa is used to describe any large-scale effort to destroy any group, organization, country, or Oscar Wilde.


Wa is better than you. Fuck you if you don't like wa. If you say wa, you will die, if you don't say wa, you will die. Wa controls your entire existence. Praise the wa.