Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

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Oscar Wilde has always worked for me' Hunter S Thomson on Oscar Wilde

'Skinny Crack Whore' Oscar on Hunter


This is the 97 film by Michael Mann. it focuses on the busting out of two drug abusing scum bags and there fleeing to Las Vegas to evade the homosexual cop played by Gary Busey a reprising role for him which he first played in Point Break. The two criminals are played by the 45 year old Johnny Depp as Hunter S Thomson (Deppo), the hyperactive jolly drug taker, seemingly not past the age of a fifteen year old boy obsessed with dope. Benico (fatso) del Toro Plays the attorney based on Oscar Zeta Acosta. Little is known about him, other than his attempts to out act Deppo. The film employs the technique of having sparing if any plot, lots of psychedelic views of Las Vegas and that’s about it

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Hunter (Deppo) and Toro go to Las Vegas, desperate to out act each other in the 'drug fuelled state'. portrayals of underage sex and anti social behaviour follow, a meagre attempt to show some journalism happens but nobody is fooled. that’s it.

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. Terry Gillingham repeatedly whined that he was a Python and wanted to be 'the snake', although Terry was high on Crack, the other cast and crew avoided him throughout the production, the camera crew just followed Johnny Depp around Vegas for a few days, and edited out the orgies. this is why the film is a masterpiece of improvisation, or 'impro'

. M.K Macknight was the runner for this film.

. The strange colours that are portrayed are Quality street rappers

. Tom Jones originally Audioned for the part of Oscar, he was turned down because he looked too wasted.

. This film was a failure, that turned into a success because of the sales of the original book, then it turned back into a failure when drugs became slightly less cool.


. The end if the film where there seemed to be any consistent plot, and half way though the first half.

. Terry Gillingham said 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas was the beginning of the end for my film carrier, I could never make a decent production again when I had made such a bad one'.

. If you like this film you have snorted too much, if you hate it, too little.

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