Federated States of Micronesia

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Federated States of Micronesia
Micronesian flag.JPG Noodly 1.jpg
Flag Coat of Arms
Comparing Indonesia and Micronesia. Please note that the Micronesia image is what is seen when looking at the country through a microscope.
Capital :
Largest city ;
Official language(s) µBahasa
Government Bureaucracy
Ruling Party Midgevik Party
 of Independence
Currency µRupiah
Religion Flying Spaghetti Monsterism
Major imports Linkin Logs, Legos and bathroom tiles

Federated States of Micronesia, or Micro-Indonesia is a small nation with a geography identical to that of Indonesia, except for its size, as it is smaller. Micronesia is composed of approximately 0.018 islands and of those, about 0.006 are inhabited.


Micronesia was founded in 1917 by a bunch of angry midgets. The midgets demanded a country of their own to rule the way they please as well as having mandatory counter heights of 65 cm or lower during what is now known as the "November Revolution." The Midgevik Party used the revolution to put itself in power over what is now Micronesia and establish the μGovernment. Due to several well-planned political moves by the Midgevik Party, Micronesian law has come to regulate the height of doorknobs, elevator buttons, paper towel dispensers, light switches, and thermostats.


Micronesia has 3.3 × 10−5 provinces. Because of their small size, they are best represented as . and their subdivisions, called "districts," "sub-districts" and "municipalities" are too small to be used in fields other than quantum physics.


Micronesia's central governing body is the μGovernment. The μGovernment is divided into two smaller parts, each approximately 5 × 10−7 Governments.


The currency of Micronesia is the μRupiah, which has about the same value as one Zimbabwe dollar. Most of the GDP in Micronesia is in small goods, including children's clothing, full-grown midgets' pirate regalia, baby shoes, M&M's, and McDonald's choking hazard toys, however, the last segment has become less significant in recent years since the Chinese have taken over the cheap plastic crap industry. Though less significant, belt buckles and those plastic dealies on the end of shoelaces are also exported from Micronesia.

It should also be noted that Micronesia is the world's largest importer of Linkin Logs, Legos and bathroom tiles.

Micronesia has a surprisingly large economy, with a GDP of about $758,000, it is almost capable of buying a house in Orange County.


Did you know…
The flag of Micronesia is simply a smaller version of the flag of Indonesia.

Micronesia celebrates each January 7th as "November Revolution Day." Many speculate that this is a result of sheer stupidity, although it is really an attempt to get people celebrate November Revolution day instead of the new year. Most Micronesians use November Revolution Day to get completely drunk and abuse crack. Celebrations on this day usually result in hundreds of millionths of deaths.

Also celebrated throughout the year are Linkin Logs and Legos, the primary building materials of the Micronesians and Matchbox Cars, the most popular means of transport in the country.

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