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An early version of femme men--the femme boy

Femme men do not exist--yet. However, a powerful elite, among whom are such servants as educators, genetic engineers, plastic surgeons, and militant feminists, hope to create them as a subhuman species of sterile, hybrid male-female creatures who are intended to be a third sex that is neither fully male nor fully female but has characteristics of both sexes, namely functional breasts, penises, and testicles. Like the breasts, the buttocks have been feminized through estrogen therapy or surgical augmentation. The purpose of femme men (sometimes referred to as "transsexuals," "shemales," or "ladyboys") is to facilitate the unisex society envisioned by the Conspiracy for a One-World Government. Eventually, except for a few genetic women who will be used as human incubators until technology allows them to be replaced by mechanical devices, femme men will replace males and females so that there is only one bisexual sex, all the members of which will be both male and female and, at the same time, neither male nor female.

Social Benefits[edit]

"Sex and gender will be simple," a spokesperson for the Conspiracy observed, adding "and there will be no need for sexism, intolerance, jealousy, fidelity, infidelity, modesty, immodesty, passion, love, or anything of the sort. Having sex with a femme man will be like having sex with oneself, because all human beings will be the same, sexually, physically, and, to a large degree, emotionally. If you want to imagine the society of the future, just think of RuPaul. Everyone will look like him-her."


The so-called feminization of America that has reputedly gone on for decades, the increased number of female teachers in the public school system, the so-called women's liberation movement and its demand for sexual equality, the presence of women in the military, the increase in the numbers of households headed by single moms, and the greater number of female supervisors and managers in the workplace--"all these trends have been conscious and deliberate preparations," the spokesperson admitted, "for the advent of the Nietzschean femme man, which is imminent."


For those who resist such indoctrination, special “resocialization camps” have been established in secret locations throughout the world, where recalcitrant femme men, wanting to retain their previous male or female identities, will be trained and disciplined by a cadre of specially trained “doms.” The use of torture, petticoating and other forced feminization techniques, and psychological warfare procedures will soon convince even the most rebellious femme man to accept his-her new androgynous identity and become a productive member of the One-World society.


Although the female mind has been chosen for the prototypical femme man, because it is more docile and easily controlled, the male body, although admittedly highly feminized, was selected as the raw material, so to speak, for its developemnt because it cannot be impregnated but can still be used as a means of giving and receiving sexual pleasure, especially with the addition of breasts and (despite the retention of the male genitals) an overall more feminized appearance and texture. "We tried to incorporate the best of both worlds, as it were," the Conspiracy for a One-World Government said.

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