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August 20, 2019 at 18:41Finet.binaries.keskustelu is a pseudonym of a Finnish top secret underground organisation. It's real name is Federal Bureau of Knowledge (established in 1903), since even Google has no clue about them, make sure you don't tell anyone anything about this information you've just received. Just to be sure, remember to remove the Internet from your hard drive after reading this page, otherwise they will find You!

What do they do?[edit]

At the moment it's a common belief that the Bureau does nothing. But somebody has recently found clear evidence of experimental production of weapons of mass destruction. The mysterious person appearing in those videos must be their mad scientist, Mr. P. "Diddy" Greenmeadow. He is filming in some kind of laboratory or weapon factory. Note the encrypted speach used in the footage. Is it a threat? Or why on earth anyone would film this kind of material and leak it to the public? Let's bomb the whole Caribbean Ocean, national security is worth it!