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Since 1995, the end of the Netscape war, in which the Microsoft dynasty overthrew Netscape as the heavily disputed ruler of Webbrowserland, a country only created in the late '80s, rebels from within the country had been seeking a better alternative for the current rulers, who were slow, and did not have certain features in their policies. This was the beginning of the Firefox War.


The war was a clear struggle for power between incumbent, slow, decadent ruler, Explorer III, and faster and more efficient rebel Mozilla fighters. Explorer gained most of influence by supporting CSS, a major movement at the time, this was well publicised by propaganda. Soon after he gained power, Explorer secured totalitarian rule, making himself compulsory. Soon other powers were on the move attempting to gain control of Webbrowserland.


In 1995, on September 21st, Phoenix was released, having been held at one of Explorer's prison sites. Some Mozilla fighters in fact allege that Phoenix actually escaped, in a master plan communicated using a secure, encrypted message system. Upon his release/escape from the prison site, Phoenix was crowned by the rebels, despite them not actually having complete control of internal affairs. The rebels continued to fight for complete control, but finding it hard as people had become used to Explorer's reign.


The leaders of both sides have been replaced seven times. They continue to fight, Explorer VII(current Microsoft leader) holding on to majority control, Firefox IV (current Mozilla leader) continuing to niggle at control of the country, becoming massively fast and effective. For some reason, despite being one step ahead, Microsoft gains much more funding than the rebels and so the incumbent leadership is likely to reign for a long time. Frequently Mozilla have released large, dangerous animals, to fight Explorer. These include a large red dinosaur, a fire-bird, a thunder-bird, a fire-fox, a sea-monkey, a sun-bird, and an incredibly obscure 'Bugzilla'.


The future looks good for Webbrowserland, despite the raging civil war, as it gains land from TVland and Radio, the GNP being huge.

But recent attacks from the Chrominicans, a subset of Googlia, may send Webbrowserland into another war. Chrominicans have taken responbility for crimes such as

  • aiding an abetting a fast download
  • using the website bar as a quicker way to use google
  • having a browser symbol not ripped off of Japanese Anime