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Because of their so-called intelligence, the so-called experts at Wikipedia will never have a proper article about Firenflies. We are sorry for their blatant retardedness.

Firenflies are flies that descends from Firen who is available for fighting in Little Fighter 2(LF2). Firenlies have attacks that are exactly the same of that as Firen. The attacks are Fire Ball, Blaze, Inferno, Explosion and Fuse.

The Fire Ball attack realeases a superfast fireball that burns everything in its way. The Blaze attack torches you and leaves a fire behind after each step. Inferno is a great flame that burns the enemies of firenflies. An incredible explosion blows its enemies away would be the Explosion attack.

The firenflies have been known to fuse with Freezeflies to create Firzenflies. This occurance is very rare, so if you manage to chance upon a fusage of the two flies, be adviced to run! The newly created fly, Firzenfly has fused powers of both flies! So you better run or be scorched and freezed.