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Fish ass is a colloquialistic phrase used in meaning for emphasis upon briney, shiney, scaley or smelly things, often times associated with a negative connatation which, upon a look at its present day usages as an interjection accompanied by short four-letter nouns linked with conjunctions (eg. in such very popular expletives such as "cock and balls" and "piss and shit"), is most commonly spoken by members of the Clergy.

Archane Usage[edit]

Fish ass was first used historically in a poor translation of the Guttenberg Bible by Chinese counterfishers. Apparently, the Chinese were under the impression that Jesus could feed all the people in Jerusalam with butt cheese and Fish ass.

When the translation hit mainland Europe the addition of ass to the description of Jesus' miraculous feeding went mostly unnoticed by the peasant class, mainly because the edition was cheap and depicted all major saints pornographically. When the Pope got word of this apocraphia, he laid a Crusades on those crazy Chinese jerks; his aspirations were quickly quashed by Ninjas, who were visiting from Japan. With the horrible failure of the First Gook-slaying Crusade, in 1477, the Pope began the world's first campaign to eliminate words from the spoken language. Headed in the Deparatment of Propoganda and Chickens by Cardinal Ejwarj Wappelsacs, Project Fish Ass was sanctified a "Go" as a black op.

Under the command of Cardinl Wappelsacs, nearly twenty seven thousand instances of "Fish Ass" were manually scribbled out of all counterfished Bibles imported from China, culminating in the First Fish Ass Revolt of 1322 happening nearly 150 years before the beginning of Project Fish Ass. Historians now point to Project Fish Ass as the second most successful unwording in history due to the campaign's effect of causing rioting and shootings a century and a half earlier, second only to the 1982 campain to deword *********** in a British lead assault against canned peaches.

Modern Usage[edit]

Fish ass was handed down, generation by generation, usually as an emphsising unhyphonated adjective or adverb used to men.

  • Fish Ass, JFK! It's only a Flesh wound!
  • Get up off ya' can and get to work, fish ass steady!
  • Pregnant? Who the fuck gives a fish ass! Where's a coat hanger?

Other Incidents[edit]

At least one political movement used the term Fish ass: the Fish Ass Communists. Oriented just to the Left of John Kerry, FAC was politically prominent in Delaware during the 1970s, running on an All-Communist pro-Tuna platform very popular amongst amateur stunt men and gentelmen who sold candies to children out of station wagons. All twelve card holding members of FAC were killed in a VW van explosion in 1977. Most blame the jews.