Five Iron Frenzy

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Five Iron Frenzy (or NIN for short) is an Iranian Reggae band of comprised of 8 Wookies from Denver, TX

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Five Iron Frenzy was born from Godzilla's egg laid during his fight with Mothra. All 8 members shared the same embryo. In 1976 they visited a music shop and creeped over to various random instruments and began playing them with slight perfection. By chance, famous recording manager Clive Winston was in the store looking for the sheet music for Vanessa Carlton's "Ordinary Boy" when he heard the 8 making the most molodic beautiful noise in the corner. Clive immediately phoned his superior and had them signed to his label, 5 Minute Walk. The group immediately started to play at big venues likes park benches and groups of pigeons. The band gained popularity among the freaks and geeks of the land but never with anyone important. The popularity of the band was so scarce that it's demise came all too soon in the winter of 2004. Jesus wept. (John 11:35)



Lyrics for the hit song 'Cannonball'[edit]


Wind exceeds to the right by my skin, while I fall down, this furious speed destroys me only. Cripple and devastating Momentum, approaching maximum speed. And this is, how it will be, the point of it all ' causes you this is which for me was meant, recklessly I to fall.

Hulking, destroying, I come colliding, nothing as, when I was small. I am, I am the cannon ball unstoppable. This weak coward, whom you knew, went through an overhaul. I am, I am the cannon ball unstoppable.

Thirty two feet per second, which I increase, since the exponents multiply. I never stop to look over behind me back and cut by the bright blue sky. And this is, as it is meant, in order to be, untethered me rises. For I will barrel toward to the mass down, it am -, which I was educated.

And everyone says that it an accident, as any misfortune or a tragedy is fair. I think that loss has a purpose, and I do not believe that he is coincidental, if I fall. And I know that, if I fall at all he gets caught me. And if it lets me fall at all down, for the good of those, which believe him, it educates me into a cannon ball. Unblemished and perfect. A burning luminescence. Unequal precision, beyond your range of the sight. Cannon ball.