Flaming Carrot

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Flaming Carrot
Golden Age Flaming Carrot.. Ut!
First appearance
Golden Age: Smash Fun Police Comics #5 (1942),
Modern Age: Visions #1 (1979)
Created by
Bob Burden
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Originally seen in Dark Horse Comics' Smash Fun Police Comics in 1942, Flaming Carrot has become America's most well loved and successful Superhero. There have been two men who have assumed the mantle of The Flaming Carrot. Though they had the same name and face, they did have a few key differences.

The Flaming Carrot of the Golden Age.[edit]

In 1942, during the Golden Age of comics, a new and different hero debuted. This his story. Alexander Carrote was a freelance private eye and vegetarian. He was particularly found of carrots. Constantly eating carrots, Carrote had excellent eyesight. In fact, he could see through walls and that was what made Alexander a success in his job.

Carotte began to dabble in the mystic arts while on a case where he was searching for the magician Zatara. While studying the mystic arts, Carotte found a spell that allowed him to make a pocket in reality that could hold any and all obejects he needed. With this knowledge Carrote's journey was to begin.

Also during this time, Carotte resuced a young pinup model by the name of Sheila Brussels from the mobster known as "Brisket" Buchanan. Carotte and Brussells soon fell in love. Brussells' nickname for her new beau was Carrot and he called her his little sprout. Not only was Sheila a pinup model, but she was also an expert seamstress. Sheila helped Alexander created the helmet/mask that would become his calling card to the underworld.

Brussells would also help give Carotte his crime fighting name. Known for not being afraid of any opposition as well as not being afraid to say whatever was on his mind, Brussells called Alexander her "Flaming Carrot". Alexander liked it and the name stuck.

Carrot's first mission wearing his mask was the breaking into a magic store that was also a mob front. With Shelia's help, Carotte made a mystic pocket of infinite holding and stitched it into a Carrot shaped mask. The process took only seven hours.

The Modern Age Flaming Carrot[edit]

Frank Carlton. The modern age Flaming Carrot. Flame Ut!

Frank Carlton was an average Midwestern teen. He was a gifted dancer and student of the dramatic arts. Of course, being as talented as he was in the dramatic arts, Frank endured a lot of teasing, bullying and unwanted same sex advances from his classmates.

Frank found solace in old newspaper stories about the adventures of Flaming Carrot. In one of the old articles, Frank found a picture of the old mystic talisman that Carotte died protecting from Communist Nazis.


Carotte had X-Ray vision that allowed his to see through virtually every substance but meat. Carotte relied primarily on the various wepons he stored within his "mystical pocket" that was hidden on the right side of his hemlet/mask. Tampering with mystical forces deformed Alexander Carotte's feet into flippers of a Kraken.

Flaming Carrot possesses the physical ability to envelop his entire body or portions of his body with fire without harm to himself. When aflame, Flaming Carrot is enveloped by a low intensity flame of low level plasma (reddish, approximately 780 Fahrenheit), which ranges from 1 to 5 inches from his body. He can, however, generate much higher levels and flames about himself. Under normal usage, he is able to maintain his flame form for up to 17 hours. This fire could only be turned on when Carlton said his power words, "Flame Ut!"

Carlton also had Meat Rot Vision. This power allowed him to make meat rot or decay just by having Frank glare at it.

Also, Carlton could fly but only when he adorned his mystic Carrot talisman.

In Other Media[edit]


Jason Mewes as Flaming Carrot, with one of the many extras on the set. Ut!
Ut! Very valuable indeed!
  • Flaming Carrot had a radio show that lasted from 1943 until 1950. The show was the most popular show in America. Keenan Wynn portrayed Alexander Carotte. Jennifer Jones portrayed Carotte's love interest, Sheila Brussels.
  • FC had a cartoon series in the 60's, 70's and 90's. The 1960s series had 48 episodes and introduced the popular character Screwball. The 1970's cartoon series lasted 120 epsiodes. The 70's series lasted for five years and was given the Emmy Award in 1974. The series in the 90's lasted for three years and became an instant cult classic phenomenon. Adult Swim has recently begun to re-air the series.
  • In 2002 Flaming Carrot: The Movie was released. Jason Mewes played Alexander Carotte in the title role. The film was well recieved and garnered an Oscar nomination for Mewes
  • As with most movies, there was a toyline that accompanied the Flaming Carrot movie. Recent eBay auctions for the Flaming Carrot figure have gone as high as US$30,000.
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