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These two ladies are old, and they are mistakes. as you can see the lady on the right is older. that makes her more mistake.

“A poet can survive everything except a misprint”

~ Oscar Wilde on Mistakes

Mistake can mean:

  • Trying to make a successful comedy Web site written by an unfiltered collection of Internet idiots

“I don't appreciate that, sir.”

“I've come to expect it.”

Mistake can also refer to:

  • Getting shitfaced at the club
  • Taking that other shitfaced person/persons home with you
  • Having full on vaginal sex with that person/persons
  • Not wearing a condom
  • Wearing an expired condom
  • Not pulling out to ejaculate (in the former of the previous two)
  • Not pulling out to check on that aforementioned expired condom
  • Calling him/her back afterwards
  • Not moving away or avoiding the pregnancy in question
  • Not getting an abortion

Although mistake usually refers to you.

“In Soviet Russia, mistake is a YOU!”

~ Russian Reversal on mistakes
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